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Everyone wants to have a beautiful toned body. Representatives of the strong half of humanity are striving especially for embossed cubes and voluminous biceps. Of course, to achieve the best result, you have to spend more than one hour of your own time in the gym every day, which is not so much.

Special drugs, anabolic steroids, help improve the effectiveness of training. With proper use, you can put your body in order many times faster than with regular workouts. Means from sports pharmacology are very popular in bodybuilding – athletes have been using supplements for years to maintain and improve the result. In our online store you can buy anabolics for muscle growth for athletes of varying degrees of training.

What are steroids

Steroids are a pharmacological preparation containing chemical components. Once in the bloodstream, steroids are distributed throughout all organs and systems, penetrating the very core of the cell. The substance imitates the work of the male sex hormone, stimulating the body to form protein. To buy steroids in New Zealand, just contact our manager and discuss the terms of delivery.

What happens in the body:

  • protein combines faster into molecules;
  • the body recovers more effectively after injuries;
  • the level of other hormones decreases markedly;
  • metabolism is accelerated, so that fatty tissue melts faster;
  • muscle mass УremembersФ the effect of steroids.

Today, buying steroids is not as difficult as it was a couple of decades ago – go to our catalog, choose the right drug and order home delivery.

It is interesting. In Greek, the term anabolic sounds like “anabolein” and translates to “build-up.”

Types of steroids:

Deca steroid. Injection in the form of an oil solution. Stimulates protein formation, fixes calcium in bone tissue. The effect lasts about 3 weeks. Contraindicated in liver failure, underdeveloped skeleton. Precautions are prescribed for heart and kidney failure.

Methane steroid. Stimulates the growth of muscle tissue, prevents the formation of fat. It is prescribed for impaired protein metabolism, that is, after injuries, radiation therapy, as well as muscle dystrophy, myopathy, puberty delays and other pathologies. Contraindicated in breast cancer, hyperkacia, nephrosis, renal / liver failure.

Testosterone steroid. It is considered the main anabolitic. It is used in the program for gaining muscle mass, losing weight and developing relief. In each case, the specialist prescribes a certain type of testosterone steroid. It is necessary to use with extreme caution, as with an overdose, various pathologies of the reproductive system are observed.

Phenyl steroid. Helps maintain protein in the body, as well as increase its formation. It also increases prolactin levels and promotes fluid retention in connective tissue.

To choose the right steroid drug, contact our managers. They will orient you among our range of products and select the tool that is suitable specifically for your goals. Buying anabolic steroids in New Zealand is very simple – call us and place your order.

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